Success Stories
“Tim was extremely professional and very helpful! He went out of his way to listen to what I was looking for in a home. He made the entire buying process as easy as he could for me, including providing me with a personal checklist of timelines when providers, utilities, etc. needed to be contacted. His suggestions for contact people(banking, inspectors, etc) were "spot on" and very helpful and appreciated!”
Barb Jacobsen, November 2016

Lake Links
Sawyer County has some of the most pristine lakes in northern Wisconsin. Each year thousands of visitors descend on our area for the food, festivals and fun.

Real Estate Buyer & Seller Information

Buyer Information
Full Disclosure
Objective Evaluations
Information Portfolios
Coordinate On-Site Visits
Community Expertise
Coordinate Legal & Financial
Offer Through Closing Consultation
Follow Up
Providing you with honest and fair service that we give the seller. Our goal is to help you make an informed decision in perhaps one of the biggest investments in your life.
Seller Information
Assessment Meeting
Business Profile Summary
Marketing Plan
Screen Buyers
Negotiation and Deal Structure
Due Diligence - Buyer Investigation
Coordinate Financing
Legal Assistance via Ind. Counsel
Exit Strategy
Closing - PAY DAY!
Follow Up
The overall success in the sale of your business is our goal. We help you meet that goal by providing a plan and executing it in a way that focuses on identifying potential qualified buyers. We work to understand your business and needs in order to provide a smooth transition in the transfer of your business.