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“Stacy Hughes Anderson went above and beyond to help us search high and low for the perfect cabin that fit our needs. And through the journey we feel like we gained a new friend, making the experince all the better. Many thanks for all you did Stacy, the help us find the one. ”
Patrick & Kathryn Sande, November 2020

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Sawyer County has some of the most pristine lakes in northern Wisconsin. Each year thousands of visitors descend on our area for the food, festivals and fun.

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Removing Your Property From Marketing During The Holidays

Posted: November 21, 2018

As we approach the holidays, many sellers wonder if they should take their property off the market and let it rest until spring. They believe that spring is when buyers will re-enter the market and will again be serious about buying.  Personally, I think this is a wrong approach unless the property has been on the market for two or more years. Then it might need a rest for a short time.

It's a huge risk to either remove your property from the market during the holiday season, or to not put your property on the market if you're ready to sell. We never know when a new buyer is coming into the market and if your property is delisted or not newly listed you may miss that perfect buyer.

Often many buyers are hoping to take advantage of the holiday slowdown to place an offer or get a better deal. And they have more time to shop for properties than during the busy seasons of spring, summer and fall. Buyers who search listings during the holidays are usually pretty motivated and determined to buy. There will always be the tire kickers but we have that type of buyer all year round.

Finally, we find that web site activity grows exponentially during the holiday season. Think about it; it's winter and many buyers are cooped up in their homes and doing what? Searching the internet and looking for new buying opportunities! They take more time and are more engaged; it's just possible they may have missed your property listing in the past but now with more time they discover your piece of heaven.

My advice is to stay the course, you can't or won't sell your property if it isn't on the market; it's really that simple. Happy Holidays!