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“Matt and Amber Albrecht were great to work with! They did an amazing job in a very difficult year. Thank you!”
Sylvia Nasla & William Whealon, October 2020

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Sawyer County has some of the most pristine lakes in northern Wisconsin. Each year thousands of visitors descend on our area for the food, festivals and fun.

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The Power Of Tourism In The Northwoods

Posted: May 8, 2018

Hayward is well known for its attractions and amazing vacations and has become one of the most popular places to see in Wisconsin. Tourism plays a vital role in our local economy. Here are a few highlights from last year.
$20.6 Billion - The impact of tourism on the state's economy, up $631 million or 3.2% from 2016. Total business sales in our county reached $122.2 million in 2017, 3.95% increase.
$5.8 Billion - The total seven-year growth of tourism activity, a nearly 40% increase from $14.8 billion.
110 Million - The number of visits to Wisconsin from travelers in 2017, a seven-year increase of 17.5 million visits.
$660 - The amount each household would have to pay in taxes without the revenue generated by visitor spending. Our county receives $ 10.5 million in state and local taxes as the result of traveler spending.
$ 1.5 Billion - The amount of state and local taxes generated directly and indirectly by tourism. In addition, another $1.2 billion was added to federal tax revenue as a result of tourism activity in Wisconsin.